No.Waterway provides the personnel and equipment to complete the testing.
Yes,we do unload and return hose back as it was taken off. If YOU decide you would like to change how you rack your hose just let us know and Waterway will certainly accommodate your new load.
Water, designated apparatus driver and paved testing area.
Depends on the amount of hose on apparatus and working test area...generally about one to one and a half hours.
Yes,unless a supplier can provide documentation that the hose has been tested to NFPA 1962 standards.
No,we are a testing company.We will recommend if asked.
Yes, if not already numbered we will stencil the numbers. Not hand written.
Yes,first as hard copy and Chiefs have access to their records 24/7 online.
An experienced Waterway crew can test between 20,000' to 25,000' in an eight hour day,using a crew of 10 people.
This depends on the quantity of hose to be tested, travel distance, and other items tested that day.
Yes, visit our website and type in your zip code. If there is not a coop in your immediate area fill out the form that appears and our team will contact you.If you do not have access to a computer call 888-999-5838 and talk to a real person for the Waterway Coop closest to you.
Yes, all Waterway Coops are independently owned and operated with the owner on-site at test day.
NFPA 1962 requires that all fire hose be tested annually.
We are trained fire hose testers and do this job on a daily basis. Your department will be able to free up valuable training time for your members.
No, we carry replacement gaskets and heat sensors to the job site.
Many of our coops re-couple on site. Ask your local coop.
Yes, Waterway offers cleaning services for hoses.