Available Services:

  • Test all Hose to NFPA Standards
  • Unpack/Repack ALL Hose Beds & Racks
  • Check ALL Couplings/Lubricate as needed
  • Check & Replace all Gaskets as needed
  • Stenciled Numbering System for All Hose
  • Stenciled Station Number or Initials (Optional)
  • Report access 24/7 online
  • Hose cleaning (Optional)
  • Ground ladder testing
  • Hard Suction Vacuum Testing
  • Pump Testing
  • Appliance and Nozzle Testing
  • System Testing

Annual Service Testing.  Should We?

We have become very good in recent years at improving safety conditions for firefighters. There has been many improvements in the SCBA and personal protective equipment, enclosed cabs have come of age and the Incident Command System is no longer a mystery.

However, in many instances the very instrument we use to combat the fire, the fire hose, goes unchecked. For many of us it is not that we don't think it should be tested, it is a question of time & manpower. Many of us find that when we do call the ever dreaded Hose Test Drill, it is always the same few people that are strapped with the work.

On a routine basis,  departments are conducting rig checks to ensure all the equipment is present and in working order.  Why not have the hose, ladders, nozzles, appliances, and pumps tested on an annual basis as well.  Waterway has the capabilities to come in and test most of these items in a day for an average sized department.  This enables the department to concentrate on the mandated  training that we all must complete  every year as firefighters.